Testosterone Therapy For Men

Why Do Men Need Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Males begin a hormonal decline at age 35 – there is a decrease of 2% of testosterone production per year. As those testosterone levels fall, men begin to experience decreased mental clarity, mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Most men do not lose their sex drive, so this can’t be used as a marker of hormonal balance!


Often patients are band-aided with anti-depressants, sleeping and anxiety pills and a host of other medications. These drugs have additional side effects such as weight gain, zombie like-state, dependency for sleep, and decreased sex drive. These medications do not address the root problem that is causing the symptoms.


Most frequent questions and answers

Several studies show only NATURAL testosterone to be protective and preventative of many disease states. Men with low testosterone are 3 times as likely to get Alzheimer’s dementia. In a recent study, men over 55 with higher levels of testosterone showed a significant reduction in coronary artery disease and heart attacks; testosterone builds bone by 8.3% per year, preventing osteoporosis. Low testosterone increases cortisol levels and insulin levels, both of which increase belly fat and increase your risk for diabetes. Natural testosterone can ONLY be absorbed subcutaneously; therefore, a pellet placed under the skin is required.

What is “normal” for the average population may not be optimal for you. The optimal testosterone level in males is 900-1250, a “normal” lab reference can range from 200-1100 for men. Men are typically symptomatic under 400 but that’s in the”normal range.”

Hormone pellets offer a natural hormone balance method that keeps your levels in the optimal range 24/7. Methods that put your hormones on a roller coaster by taking something every day, like shots and creams, don’t offer the benefit of balanced hormones 24 hours a day. The release of the hormones is regulated by your cardiac output. As your heart pumps faster, like when you are working out, blood flow increases over the pellet and increases the release of hormone required by your increase in activity. While you are sleeping, when your cardiac output is lowered, less hormone is released.


A comprehensive lab panel will be performed and the hormone pellet is customized to your individual hormone levels. A complete thyroid panel is drawn, as well as vitamin D3 levels. If these are abnormal they will also be supplemented because there is a synergy between all of these with testosterone, achieving optimal levels of all of these will allow you to gain the most benefits and give you the best results.

Hormone pellets last longer in men than women, lasting around 6 months depending on your activity level.

A minor surgical procedure is performed where the skin is numbed on the fatty part of your flank or buttock, a small incision is made and a hollow trocar instrument is then used to tunnel under the skin and insert the pellets in the fatty subcutaneous layer. The incision is then closed with a sterile dressing. Most patients experience minimal discomfort.



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