Gynecological Care In Abilene, TX

Women's Wellness Visits

Our gynecologist is an all-female staff providing care for your gynecological needs including:

  • Routine well-woman exams
  • Birth control
  • STD screening
  • Surgical consultations
  • Or problematic gynecological issues

We are devoted to the comprehensive care of women throughout her lifecycle. Our special areas of services include: state of the art in-patient procedures to include Novasure ablation, colposcopy, LEEP; out-patient procedures to include minimally invasive hysterectomy, da Vinci robotic-assisted surgeries, laparoscopic procedures, tubal ligation, hysteroscopy; in-patient hospital care and post-surgical care to include exploratory laparotomy, incontinence surgery, pelvic relaxation repair, and vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

More so than any other medical specialties, obstetrics and gynecology requires open communication to establish mutual understanding, respect, confidence and trust. We foster an open-minded approach, allowing patients much input into healthcare decisions. We offer you the highest standards of care in our specialty with over 30 years of experience.

Gynecological Care

EndoSee Office Hysteroscopy

EndoSee is an innovative way to perform office hysteroscopy (evaluation of the inside of the uterus).

Go to for greater details.

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