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What is the P-Shot?

Priapus Shot®: A SPECIFIC Method, protected by the US Patent & Trademark Office, of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis (also known as the P-Shot®).   It was named after the Greek god Priapus, the god of male regenerative power and sexual health.

The Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®, is a procedure designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men. This natural and effective procedure has been shown to be perfect for those who are having sexual dysfunction disorders due to health concerns such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, surgical side effects, drug side effects, and other health ailments such as diabetes. Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatments, the P-Shot® delivers long-lasting results that cannot be achieved through simple pills, creams, or other surgical or chemical procedures.

Before this, the P shot was used for wound healing, dentistry, and some sports injuries due to its cellular regeneration and healing properties.

But now, it is used for aesthetic purposes and tissue regeneration and to enhance sexual function from the blood platelets (which are usually drawn from the arm) that heal wounds and regenerate tissues when we are injured.

It can also (though sometimes) relieve some symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, which includes decreased penile pain during erections. Peyronie’s disease is usually more common in athletic men. Scar tissue forms around the penis due to injuries that did not heal properly. These injuries can also occur during sex. Peyronie’s disease, however does not have any cure, and P shots are only for relieving the symptoms.

Most of the time, the patient does not need to abstain from sexual activities right after the treatment but asking your doctor is advised.

What to Expect from a P-Shot Procedure?

During the P-Shot® procedure, the doctor or nurse begins by applying numbing lidocaine cream to the penis. Blood is then drawn from the arm in the same way as a traditional blood test. Using a special centrifuge and method, the growth factors are extracted from your blood and concentrated into the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

The Regenerative Process

Platelet Rich Plasma contains many growth factors and healing properties that stimulate stem cells to regenerate tissue and increase blood flow. The resulting benefits include an increased growth of new blood vessels and increased circulation in the penis.   This increased blood flow then helps to repair some issues in your tissues and cells to establish new neural pathways. Other benefits include stronger erections, increased sensation and pleasure and enhanced sexual performance. Some men have even reported changes in girth and length of the penis.

Once the PRP is centrifuged, using a very thin needle, the growth and healing factors are then injected into very specific areas of the penis that are most important for sexual response. Because this area has been numbed with anesthetic cream, the patient feels little to no pain. Many of the procedures benefits have been experienced immediately following the procedure. The effects of the P-Shot® continue to improve for up to 3 months and may last anywhere from 12-18 months. Many patients also report an increased penis length from the P shot treatment.


Most frequent questions and answers

Platelets and other components in human blood migrate to a site of injury. Platelets are known to release  a variety of growth factors that respond to tissue injury, where they initiate and promote healing.  By concentrating platelets at the site of injury, physicians have the potential to enhance the body’s natural  capacity for healing. We use the SELPHYL system to create our PRP, which provides the highest quality  PRP called a Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix. 

20cc of your blood is obtained with a small Butterfly needle. The blood is then placed into 2 patented  SELPHYL tubes which have a gel gradient that separates out the white and red blood cells from the  plasma, this is then spun for 6 minutes in a centrifuge. The PRP is then created and should have the  color of straw. Your PRP is then placed in another tube which contains Calcium Chloride that activates  the healing cascade. 20cc of blood typically yields about 10cc of PRP. 

  •  ED treatment 
  • Blood flow and nerve sensation improvement 
  • Stronger and more intense orgasms 
  • Higher sexual stamina during sex
  • More libido and a more sensitive penis 
  • Works alongside testosterone therapy 
  • Helps with sexual function after prostate surgery 
  • Makes the penis longer and wider 

We use a very potent numbing cream with a combination of Benzocaine. Lidocaine and Tetracaine. You  may choose to have a penile block where Lidocaine is injected into the nerves at the base of the penis  with a very fine needle which results in complete numbness. Most patient’s experience only mild  discomfort. We can also prescribe some relaxing medication (Valium) if you feel you may need it. You  will need someone to drive you if you opt for some valium. 

The numbing with the cream takes about 25 minutes. The actual injection of the PRP takes 10-15 minutes. Following the PRP injections, you will receive a round of GAINSWAVE therapy to disperse the PRP, this takes about 25 minutes. Plan for at least an hour to an hour and a half for the total process to happen. 

There are no restrictions after the procedures.

You may experience some mild redness, bruising and or/soreness. This can last 4-6 days.

There is a $200 initial consultation fee where you will be fully evaluated and make sure this procedure  addresses the issue(s) you are having. If you proceed with the P-Shot, the $200 will be credited to you. 

The P-Shot procedure costs $1900. 

No, the P-Shot is considered to be a cosmetic procedure.  

The P-Shot complements the GAINSWAVE shock wave therapy we offer, and we recommend optimization of your testosterone level for optimal results. 

No, because we are using your own blood and therefore you cannot have an allergic reaction to it.

Early responders can see results in 24 hours, late responders may take 3-4 months.

The P-Shot usually lasts about 12-18 months. Repeat P-Shots are typically done after 12 months.

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