Tirzepatide (Compounded Mounjaro)

More Weight Loss, Less Side Effects!

Tirzepatide is a medication that was recently approved for use in adults with type 2 diabetes. It is a dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist (RA). This means it works by imitating not one, but two unique incretin hormones produced by the human body. It works by stimulating GLP-1 production in the body, which helps the body produce more insulin when needed. GIP has been shown to decrease food intake & increase energy expenditure therefore resulting in weight reductions & when combined with GLP-1 receptor agonism, may result in greater effects on markers of metabolic dysregulation such as body weight, glucose, & lipides. Additionally, Tirzepatide has been found to lower fasting blood glucose levels & increase weight loss in participants who were overweight or obese at the start of clinical trials. This suggests that it may be beneficial for those looking to shed excess pounds quickly & safely. The average patient loses approximately 25% of their body weight after 3 months with Tirzepatide as opposed to 16% of their body weight with Semaglutide.  This medication has all the benefits of Semaglutide for weight loss with appetite suppression but it also adds the component of fat loss with it, in other words, you’ll lose weight & keep it off for the long haul.

What else does it do:

  • Stimulate pancreatic β cells insulin release
  • Note: in DM (diabetes mellitus) patients GIP secretion is reduced, however, can be restored by improving glycemic control
  • GIP: Protects against hypoglycemia; improves TG (triglyceride) clearance; improves adipose insulin sensitivity, which may prevent ectopic fat deposition

Who should not or those to be cautious taking these medications:


Those with personal or family history of thyroid cancer; multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2; other DM medications, especially insulin & sulfonylureas; history of pancreatitis, history of gall bladder disease; kidney disease; tachycardia; retinopathy; pregnant, breast-feeding, or trying to get pregnant


etformin; those with an elevated HR, as there are GLP-1 receptors in the SA Node (sinoatrial node); GI disorders; those with HTN (high blood pressure-hypertension) on BP (blood pressure) medications Decreased glucose production, liver fat content, liver enzymes, & hepatic steatosis

Benefits of Tirzepatide

  • Reduced inflammation: Both medications are proven to reduce inflammation markers which leads to decreased inflammation response & oxidative stress.
  • Regulates digestions: This regulation is directly tied to how quickly food moves from the stomach to the intestines. Overall, this will leave you feeling fuller longer & help control the sugar absorption in the intestines.
  • Improved metabolic function: These medications regulate blood sugar levels by increasing insulin & decreasing glucagon-only when the blood sugar levels are high. It also improves the whole-body energy metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity of muscle cells & regulating fat cell development. Even if you are not severely overweight, you can’t go wrong with improving your metabolic profile!
  • BPC-157: This peptide is added to both medications & acts systematically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, gastro intestinal cramps, helps maintain integrity of mucosal lining GI tract, helps improve digestive function, as well as improves gut related issues, & helps reduce side effects of the medications.
  • Other: May reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke, or death in adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. Helps release insulin and lowers the amount of glucose produced by the liver when glucose rises at mealtime. Also slows the absorption of mealtime glucose.

Tirzepatide has been called Semaglutide 2.0 because patients have lost more weight in the same period of time, felt a heavier suppression of appetite, and showed fewer side effects. This is undoubtedly Semaglutide 2.0 with enhanced upgrades and bug fixes. Tirzepatide demonstrated a greater decrease in HbA1c and weight loss than Semaglutide.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fried, greasy, fatty foods, & foods high in sugar. These tend to be the toughest for your body to digest and the most likely to cause nausea. Eat slowly & eat smaller meals with foods that are light and bland. Drink clear or ice-cold drinks (like water or unsweetened tea) & limit alcohol intake.


The most common side effects reported are mild nausea, diarrhea, constipation, & feeling full quickly. With Tirzepatide you may feel chilly or cooler than usual as the fat loss starts to shed from the body.


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